Pool Decks

Pool Decks

Aesthetics & Peace of Mind

Help yours stand out in your neighbourhood with rubber surfacing. Beautiful colours and designs will make your backyard the destination for friends and family. SafeFlex™ provides peace of mind while enjoying the pool. Non-slip rubber surfacing means fun is always the priority.
Non - Slip
Our surfacing is non-slip when wet, making it perfect around the pool for safety and fun.
Anti - Fungal & Anti - Bacterial
SafeFlex™ rubber safety surfaces are anti-bacterial and anti-fungal so your pool deck won't become a breeding ground for germs , keeping it healthy and safe.
Easy To Clean
Dirt and stains are easily removed with a power washer to keep your surface looking brand new. Dish soap with hot water and a scrub will remove tough stains.
Crack Resistant
Rubber surfaces expand and contract allowing them to resist cracking when underlying concrete shifts or cracks.
Pool Decks

Attention To Detail

The difference between a satisfactory project and a perfect project is all in the details. We make sure we do the little things right so that your surface is the best it can be.

Copings are either wrapped or grooved to provide a seamless transition into the pool. Pool anchors are always raised to make sure you have access when it comes time to cover your pool. Borders and designs are meticulously marked out to provide crisp lines and get your pool looking exactly how you want it.
Pool Decks

Pricing Guide

Prices are ranges based on averages and actual price depends on factors such as existing surface and it's condition, colour choice, leveling and prep work and more.