SafeTop™ for Daycares
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Unique Surfaces
Unique Learning

Dive into a world of thrilling, bespoke play surfaces designed with every organization's unique needs in mind! Imagine crafting exhilarating playgrounds where students can embark on adventures, discovering and learning as they play. Our professionally installed safety surfaces offer the perfect arena for children to enhance their motor skills and build muscle strength, all while having the time of their lives. With these safer surfaces, concerns about safety take a backseat, allowing both educators and students to channel their energy into what truly matters - the joy of learning and playing. It's more than just play; it's an opportunity for growth, exploration, and endless fun!
Daycares & Schools

Educational Tools

Transform your play area into a vibrant canvas of educational opportunity with custom designs tailored to enrich student learning and engagement. Incorporate a kaleidoscope of shapes, colours, and patterns into the new surface of your playground, creating oversized, interactive tools for learning. These dynamic, large-scale representations invite children to play, explore, and physically interact, making education an immersive and captivating experience. Elevate the learning environment beyond the traditional classroom and watch as children delight in the joy of discovery, all while engaging with educational content in a meaningful, hands-on way. Choose to make learning an adventure, where every step on the daycare grounds is a step towards knowledge and growth.
Daycares & Schools

Engaged Designs

Bright, colourful features integrated into your play surface help create an engaging and inviting atmosphere to allow children to get excited and explore their surroundings in a safe environment.
Daycares & Schools

Themed Play Areas

Turn your young student's recess playground into an intentionally structured and themed area for fun and learning. With options such as tracks, groups of similar and differing coloured shapes, or nature scenes, children can get some exercise and engage with their peers in ways that are fun and provide meaningful opportunities for new understanding.