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Working at Safescapes isn't just a job, you will develop skills for life and make great friends too.
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Develop Your Skills

Becoming a part of the team at Safescapes doesn't just mean a place to work but a place to grow and develop. Continual skill improvement is encouraged and fostered by our crew leaders to help our teams work better together. Our crew leaders will work with you to teach you new skills and provide you the opportunities to practice them to help you grow within the company. ​

Whether a well seasoned trades man or if you are looking for a summer job, we have a spot for you. Our busy season falls conveniently with the summer semester for most college and university students. Making this a terrific summer job to work outside with other like minded individuals. If you have experience with cement finishing or landscaping projects, laying Poured in Place rubber flooring will come more naturally. We encourage other skillsets to enhance everyones experience at the company, from marketing to landscape architecture. We can help modify your experience here at Safescapes to help with your future CV.
Pool Decks
The difference between a satisfactory project and a great one is all in the details. We make sure we do the little things right so that your rubber surface is the best it can be. All of our copings are ground to provide a seamless transition into the pool. Pool anchors are always raised to make sure you have access when it comes time to cover your pool. Borders and designs are meticulously marked out to provide crisp lines and get your pool looking exactly how you want it.
Pool Decks

Pricing Guide

Prices are ranges based on averages and actual price depends on factors such as existing surface and it's condition, colour choice, leveling and prep work and more.

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Modular Architecture
Clean, Curated Visual Aesthetic
Friendly Customer Support

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Clean, Curated Visual Aesthetic
Friendly Customer Support
Modular Architecture

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Friendly Customer Support
Modular Architecture
Clean, Curated Visual Aesthetic

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