Driveways & Garages

Driveways & Garages

Durable and Aesthetic

Transform your worn-out garage or driveway into a sleek, brand-new masterpiece with pour-in-place rubber! Say goodbye to the relentless wear and tear inflicted by harsh Canadian winters. No more battling with cracks and shifts. Opt for EPDM or recycled rubber paving, the resilient solution that stretches and contracts with the changing weather, ensuring a crack-free future. Elevate your space with a surface that not only looks fantastic but feels incredible underfoot. Make the switch to pour-in-place rubber and experience the ultimate upgrade for your driveway or garage.
Comfort & Support
SafePave™ can make your garage workshop a more comfortable place to spend more time doing what you love. The softness underfoot helps alleviate strain on knees and joints from prolonged standing to let you focus fully on your hobbies.
Whether it's dropped tools, kids playing, or just driving in and out, SafePave™ is strong enough to handle it all. Our hard curing binders combined with the strength and elasticity of our dense granules provides a tough, long-lasting surface.
Pitting and cracking is a constant problem in garages and driveways in this climate. Rubber surfacing can easily be built up in problem areas to fill and level the existing floor and provide a seamless, level surface that will resist future cracking and pitting
Easy To Clear
Garages and driveways are a magnet for stubborn dirt and stains that accumulate over time. SafePave™ is easily cleaned of dirt and stains with a power washer for the most effective cleaning, but can also be regularly cleaned with shop vacuums, brooms, blowers and more.
Driveways & Garages

Borders & Accents

Elevate the curb appeal of your home with the sleek, modern touch of SafePave™ rubber paving borders. These crisp, clean lines instantly sharpen and transform the front of your home, infusing it with a contemporary flair. But why stop there? The unparalleled versatility of SafePave™ allows you to personalize your space in ways you've only imagined. Picture your driveway proudly showcasing your street number in elegant detail, or your garage floor adorned with the logo of your favourite car brand. The possibilities are endless, offering a unique opportunity to make a statement that is truly yours. Step into a world where your driveway and garage become a canvas for your personal style.
Driveways & Garages

Pricing Guide

The pricing provided represents a range based on average costs, with the actual price being influenced by various factors. These factors include the condition of the underlying surface, the selection of colours, as well as the extent of levelling and preparatory work required, among others. Consequently, the final cost may vary depending on these specific considerations.